Meet the Artist: Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

I started this “Meet the Artist” series awhile back as a way to feature some of the amazingly talented artists I’ve been meeting through the shop. Today’s artist, the darling Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink, was introduced to me via one of our wonderful customers.

Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

The customer came in after a holiday party where several artists had gathered to share and sell their homemade goods. She said, you just HAVE to meet this gal I saw today who sells these adorable cards. Obviously we like adorable cards, so I told her to have her come down to the shop and we’d love to meet her. Shortly thereafter, Malia and a friend stopped in with a big box of her whimsical cards and art prints. We fell in love with her artwork immediately and bought some right on the spot. We took some of the art prints to a holiday expo the following week and sold out within the first 30 minutes!

Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

Cheerful Ink designs are whimsical and playful and reminiscent of childhood experiences. Malia says “It’s those experiences that speak the loudest to our hearts because deep down we’re all just grown up versions of our childhood selves.”

Here are a few of my favorite Cheerful Ink greeting cards

Happy Birthday Flower Card

Party Without Cake Julia Childs

Don't Have to Be Rich to Sparkle

And some of my favorite Cheerful Ink art prints

Braver Princess Print

She Is Fierce art print

Anatomy of a Diaper Bag Print

Get to know Malia a bit more with our interview below!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, I idolized my first grade teacher and wanted to be just like her. I loved the idea of being in charge of a classroom. I am the oldest of six, so I had lots of experience setting up my pretend classroom and bossing around my siblings.

What was your first job?

My first job was as a dishwasher for a small greasy spoon in my neighborhood. I was only 16, but I remember the line cook would take long smoke breaks and put me in charge of the kitchen! I was terrified that someone might actually come in and order something because I had no idea how to make anything! Luckily, no one did. They are out of business now.

What are your best or favorite sources of inspiration?

I am a mom of two kids under three, so I spend a lot of time in front of Sesame Street and other kids shows. I also love children’s books. When we go to the library, I check out most of the books for them based on what illustrator I want to learn from. I also love Pinterest for sourcing fresh ideas. I know some artists steer clear of it, but there’s something so inspiring about seeing all of the things I love in one place!

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Lately, I’ve been quoting my mom a lot. She always said, “Just get out and get the sky over your head.” As a working mom, its such good advice. Life seems easier to handle because problems seem smaller. Vitamin D and fresh air do wonders for the soul.

What are 5 things/products that you can’t live without?

  • Diaper wipes (they are gold to me, besides their obvious use, I use them for everything: cleaning counter tops, taking off makeup, wiping faces, hands, car interiors) I carry a Costco sized brick of wipes with me everywhere I go.
  • Dry Shampoo Hairspray (showering and shampooing have become a luxury! I recently found a good one for brunettes called Batiste)
  • Kind Bars (the sea salt dark chocolate is my favorite)
  • My iPhone (I have a serious instagram problem; I’ve taken it off my phone and put it back on at least 35 times).
  • A fresh pack of black Micron pens

Who are some of your favorite artists/designers?

I love Richard Scary. Nobody draws animals in clothing better than he does.

Marla Frazee’s illustrations are so fun and playful. I love her storytelling as well.

And right now my three year old and I can’t get enough Mo Willems.

What are your favorite colors right now?

I love mid-century colors (is that a thing?) seafoam green and orange and bright candy red.

What are your favorite mediums or materials to work with?

I am usually using pen and ink and then editing on my iPad with a stylus.

Coffee or tea or…?

COFFEE. All. Day. Long.

Favorite type of food?


Favorite social media channel(s) and why? (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wanelo, etc.)

Instagram. I love the chance to look at people’s lives (even if it’s filtered and perfect:) It’s also been a great way to meet other artists and build working relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. [Find her @cheerfulink]

Can you share some of the big ideas/dreams/goals you have for the next few years that you’d love to accomplish?

I would love to write a children’s book in the next 5 years. I know that’s a long time, but I really want it to come from my heart as I develop as an artist and mother. Other than that I just want to keep getting better at what I do! It’s such a fun outlet for me and I am so grateful to have the chance to share it with people.

Click here to view all of Malia’s work that we carry in the shop.

Thanks, Malia!


Washington State Print

Valentine’s Day Gift Picks and HUGE Kids Sale!

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Emily Ley Simplified Planner 2015-2016 Update!

WOW. That’s all I can say about the response to the 2015 Simplified Planner by our friend, Emily Ley. Not only did we sell out super fast, but we are STILL getting frantic calls and emails months later from people desperate to find one (sorry, as far as I know, you’re more likely to find a flying unicorn at this point!)


The GOOD news is that Emily has announced 3 new editions, with 2 of them beginning on August 1, 2015! (The other is the regular version dated January 1-December 31, 2016.) She’ll reveal the new cover options (available for all styles) on April 29th, and you’ll be able to buy the academic versions starting May 6th (we’ll have all in stock online and in the shop!) You can see a sneak peak of one of the new covers in the image above. :)

AND just announced today, they will all be a slightly smaller size. The current planners are 9″x10″ and the new ones will be 7.75″x9″. I think this is a big improvement as the current size is just a tad too big for some purses and diaper bags.


All 3 of the new Simplified Planner editions will be available in 3 new styles (I can’t share yet, but I’ve seen them and they are ALL adorable!) and will have 8 NEW features (I know the image above says 7, but I’ve heard there are 8!).

My favorite new feature is that every page will have color on it. She’s also tweaked the page layouts to make things simpler and easier on the eyes to digest all the info.


Click here for a FREE printable of the new pages (the ones in the new planners will be dated of course).

Another fun new release (purchased separately from the Simplified Planner) in May will be gold foil magnetic page markers! They fold across the top of the current day’s page so you can always quickly find where you need to be. They’re made thin so they don’t stick out, but thick enough to see easily.


Okay, lots more information to come over the next couple months as Emily gives us sneak peaks of the new 2015-2016 Simplified Planners. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here. (By the way, if you don’t follow her yet, she’s about to have TWINS! She’s sharing her journey on Instagram and it has been a joy to follow along.)

The Home Base Binder by Emily Ley

Also, if you’re a fan of the Simplified Planner, you should really, REALLY check out the Home Base Binder. It takes planning and organization for your home to a whole new level (a good one!). So much good stuff inside, as well as a massive library of free printables to download and add to your binder (choose only what you need…and they’re FREE.) Click here for all the details on the Home Base Binder.

Emily Ley Simplified Journal

If maybe you’re a fan of Emily’s, but aren’t into the organization and planning part, maybe you’d love her Simplified Journal. The Simplified Journal is designed for 100 days of journaling, prayers, letters to little ones, brain dumps, big thoughts and great ideas. It’s beautiful inside and out. To see sample pages and more details, click here.

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(All images provided by Emily Ley.)

New Kate Spade New York Gifts!

It’s no secret we’re big Kate Spade New York fans over here. They were one of the first brands we bought for the shop and definitely have been one of our most popular.

We’ve been waiting ages to get these two new items in and they are finally here! We have very limited quantities thanks to this little lady named OPRAH who named the pens to her 2014 “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list.

kate spade new york ballpoint pen black dots

the inside of the box reads “she writes to-do lists for her to-do lists”

kate spade new york ballpoint pen black dots

the cap pulls off and the pen writes beautifully (and accepts standard refills)

kate spade new york ballpoint pen black dots
the beautiful gift box makes this an amazing gift!

Then our other NEW goodness from Kate Spade New York is this beauty that should make its way onto every well-appointed desk:

Whistle While You Work Tackle Box

kate spade whistle while you work tackle boxInside this clear tackle box are binder clips (with fun sayings), washi tape, pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, notepad with a gold foil accent, and of course, the ever-popular gold Kate Spade bow paper clips and push pins!

Both the pen and the tackle box retail for $36, the perfect price point for a lovely gift to the Kate Spade fan, working woman, and stylish stay-at-home mom!

P.S. We are totally sold out of ALL 2015 agendas and planners EXCEPT for a few more of the 2015 Kate Spade green cheetah agendas (we have some in large and medium sizes). Click here for details!

Kate Spade 2015 Green Cheetah Planner

Kate Spade 2015 Green Cheetah Planner

Meet the Artist: April & Tim Norris

One of the best parts of this little shop of ours, is getting to meet and know local artists and helping spread the joy of their work around town and across the interwebs. In the past month or two, we’ve met a couple of new local artists from Tacoma and fell in love with their work! The first is Tim Norris and his wife, April.

April and Tim Norris

Tim’s background is in architecture and design, which is clearly evident in his city map prints. He has a passion for people, places, and “making stuff,” he says. So, together with his talented wife, April, they make these amazing art prints that we carry, along with furniture and other design work that encompasses music, art, technology, and lifestyle.

While we’re obviously partial to the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Seattle area, Tim also makes his “Heart for a City” prints for many other major cities. (If you’d like one for a city not on our site, just shoot us an email and we can let you know if it’s available!)

Tacoma Heart Map Print

Seattle Heart Map Print

Gig Harbor Heart Map Print

Our most popular print in the shop is definitely this new one that just arrived of all the neighborhoods of the Greater Tacoma area, including our neck of the woods, University Place:


And here are a few other pieces by Tim and April that we love as well, all available as 12″ x 12″ prints and as greeting cards (cards are not available on our site but can be ordered and delivered or shipped! Tacoma Heart for a City print cards are available in the shop.)

2 Mt Rainier


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To see all of the work by TMN Creative, click here.

All images on this post provided by or created from the copyrighted material from TMN Creative, Tim Norris, and Paper Luxe and are not to be used, printed, or sold in any way without permission.