2015-2016 Emily Ley Simplified Planners – coming soon!

So Emily Ley’s baby books sold out within hours. CRAZY! We’re working on another order that I believe will come sometime in September. Be sure you’re on our newsletter list (signup over in the column to the right –>) to be kept in the know!

Next up are the 2015-2016 Academic Planners from Emily. These are dated August 2015-December 2016 and come in two different types – Weekly and Daily – and in 3 different cover styles. We are expecting our shipment in on Friday (so local folks, you’ll want to talk to me ASAP if you want one)! They’ll be available for sale online May 6th at 10am Eastern.

Here are the new styles, all images courtesy of Emily Ley over on Instagram @simplifiedplanner:

2015-2016 Simplified Planners

What’s new for this version of the Simplified Planner (that has been announced so far)?

  • NEW! Smaller size – 7.75 x 9 inches (compared to the current 9×10 size)
  • NEW! 25% lighter weight!
  • NEW! Color on every page!
  • NEW! Simplified page layout!
  • NEW! Each Simplified Planner comes in a navy + gold keepsake box!
  • NEW! True Gold Binding

Have any questions about the Emily Ley Simplified Planner? Just drop me a note at hello (at) paper-luxe (dot) com (or click here) and I’d be happy to chat! And last year when these went on sale on our website, some styles sold out the first DAY. So if you’re local to the Tacoma/Seattle/Kitsap area, let me know if you’d like me to reserve one for you to pickup! Otherwise, be sure to grab yours as close to May 6th as possible so you don’t miss out!

Emily Ley Spring 2015 Collection!

We just got word that our shipment of Emily Ley’s Spring 2015 collection is on its way to the shop! We’ll be receiving almost the entire collection and we’ve already sold out of half our stock of the beautiful, thoughtful, and well-organized Emily Ley baby book:

Emily Ley Baby Book

Emily Ley Baby Book

The price for the baby book is $62 if you pickup in the shop (in Tacoma, WA.) If you order it from us online, it will be $69 to include an additional shipping fee (the box is a bit big and heavy!)

Another item we are super excited about is the Emily Ley Simplified Address Book ($24):

Emily Ley Address Book

Emily Ley Address Book

A few other new items in the Emily Ley Spring 2015 collection include signature Emily Ley Stretchy Bands (sold in sets of pink + blue or teal + mint):

Emily Ley Stretchy Bands

Emily Ley Stretchy Bands

A fun set of Emily Ley Great Day Notes to show your family and friends how much you care and think about them:

Emily Ley Great Day Notes

These perfect-sized Emily Ley Mini Notebooks (Thanks, To-Do, and Notes) that fit right inside the front pocket of your Simplified Planner!

emily ley mini notebooks

And these Emily Ley Magnetic Page Markers (in blue or teal) that help you keep your spot in your Simplified Planner, book, or anything with pages:

Emily Ley Magnetic Page Marker Blue

Emily Ley Magnetic Page Marker Turquoise

Another post will be coming soon with details on the all new Emily Ley Simplified Planners that go on sale May 6, 2015 at 7am Pacific! We’ll have all 3 cover styles in all 3 new agenda types. They are expected to sell out super quickly. Here’s a sneak peak at the new cover styles and the inside…

Emiy Ley Simplified Planner 2016
Emiy Ley SImplified Planner 2016

Please note all photos are courtesy of Emily Ley.

Graduation Announcement and Invitation Sale!

Did you know we do custom graduation announcements and graduation invitations? We do AND we have a GREAT promotion going on now through April 27th for 30% off! Click here to see all of our custom graduation announcements and graduation invitations or stop by the shop in University Place (Tacoma) to see samples in person.

graduation announcement sale tacoma

Be sure to enter the code GRD24015 at checkout to get 30% off your custom graduation announcements and invitations, or come into our Tacoma shop to let us help you customize in person.

Meet the Artist: Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

I started this “Meet the Artist” series awhile back as a way to feature some of the amazingly talented artists I’ve been meeting through the shop. Today’s artist, the darling Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink, was introduced to me via one of our wonderful customers.

Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

The customer came in after a holiday party where several artists had gathered to share and sell their homemade goods. She said, you just HAVE to meet this gal I saw today who sells these adorable cards. Obviously we like adorable cards, so I told her to have her come down to the shop and we’d love to meet her. Shortly thereafter, Malia and a friend stopped in with a big box of her whimsical cards and art prints. We fell in love with her artwork immediately and bought some right on the spot. We took some of the art prints to a holiday expo the following week and sold out within the first 30 minutes!

Malia Isenhart of Cheerful Ink

Cheerful Ink designs are whimsical and playful and reminiscent of childhood experiences. Malia says “It’s those experiences that speak the loudest to our hearts because deep down we’re all just grown up versions of our childhood selves.”

Here are a few of my favorite Cheerful Ink greeting cards

Happy Birthday Flower Card

Party Without Cake Julia Childs

Don't Have to Be Rich to Sparkle

And some of my favorite Cheerful Ink art prints

Braver Princess Print

She Is Fierce art print

Anatomy of a Diaper Bag Print

Get to know Malia a bit more with our interview below!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, I idolized my first grade teacher and wanted to be just like her. I loved the idea of being in charge of a classroom. I am the oldest of six, so I had lots of experience setting up my pretend classroom and bossing around my siblings.

What was your first job?

My first job was as a dishwasher for a small greasy spoon in my neighborhood. I was only 16, but I remember the line cook would take long smoke breaks and put me in charge of the kitchen! I was terrified that someone might actually come in and order something because I had no idea how to make anything! Luckily, no one did. They are out of business now.

What are your best or favorite sources of inspiration?

I am a mom of two kids under three, so I spend a lot of time in front of Sesame Street and other kids shows. I also love children’s books. When we go to the library, I check out most of the books for them based on what illustrator I want to learn from. I also love Pinterest for sourcing fresh ideas. I know some artists steer clear of it, but there’s something so inspiring about seeing all of the things I love in one place!

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Lately, I’ve been quoting my mom a lot. She always said, “Just get out and get the sky over your head.” As a working mom, its such good advice. Life seems easier to handle because problems seem smaller. Vitamin D and fresh air do wonders for the soul.

What are 5 things/products that you can’t live without?

  • Diaper wipes (they are gold to me, besides their obvious use, I use them for everything: cleaning counter tops, taking off makeup, wiping faces, hands, car interiors) I carry a Costco sized brick of wipes with me everywhere I go.
  • Dry Shampoo Hairspray (showering and shampooing have become a luxury! I recently found a good one for brunettes called Batiste)
  • Kind Bars (the sea salt dark chocolate is my favorite)
  • My iPhone (I have a serious instagram problem; I’ve taken it off my phone and put it back on at least 35 times).
  • A fresh pack of black Micron pens

Who are some of your favorite artists/designers?

I love Richard Scary. Nobody draws animals in clothing better than he does.

Marla Frazee’s illustrations are so fun and playful. I love her storytelling as well.

And right now my three year old and I can’t get enough Mo Willems.

What are your favorite colors right now?

I love mid-century colors (is that a thing?) seafoam green and orange and bright candy red.

What are your favorite mediums or materials to work with?

I am usually using pen and ink and then editing on my iPad with a stylus.

Coffee or tea or…?

COFFEE. All. Day. Long.

Favorite type of food?


Favorite social media channel(s) and why? (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wanelo, etc.)

Instagram. I love the chance to look at people’s lives (even if it’s filtered and perfect:) It’s also been a great way to meet other artists and build working relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. [Find her @cheerfulink]

Can you share some of the big ideas/dreams/goals you have for the next few years that you’d love to accomplish?

I would love to write a children’s book in the next 5 years. I know that’s a long time, but I really want it to come from my heart as I develop as an artist and mother. Other than that I just want to keep getting better at what I do! It’s such a fun outlet for me and I am so grateful to have the chance to share it with people.

Click here to view all of Malia’s work that we carry in the shop.

Thanks, Malia!


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